It’s about not leaving trenches

It’s about turning blue and more everytime

Why do I keep myself in this cage,

when I have the key.

I never stood on borderline,

I never took part only by wacthing,

so why am I surrounded by guards,

guards of conscience.

I’m not afraid to know,

I’m just not into it.

Why push your heart to drain from its blood?

Do you always have to realize what’s going on?

Isn’t that enough?

To think you are constantly dirty,

and the more you clean yourself,

the filthier you get.

How pretty we could be?

How pretty…


~ από mourningthedeparted στο Μαΐου 16, 2007.

Ένα Σχόλιο to “Monologue”

  1. As pretty as a normal life dear….


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