This one is a she

This city as dirty as it gets,looks clearer than ever
Masses can’t stand her honesty
today is our mistakes
tomorrow is the world
Revision is her tragedy

She could walk in four feet
but prefers two

She keeps unfolding her madness
but no one cares when he should

Let’s go out tonight
Let’s try to dance and fight with no light
Let’s fuck with a legal right
for what they call non-sense
we call it delight

she won’t judge it
she will stare
but we won’t charge it
she won’t sleep
but we won’t bother
she’s aware
we’re undercover


~ από mourningthedeparted στο Νοέμβριος 20, 2006.

3 Σχόλια to “This one is a she”

  1. πωωωωωωωωω
    εχω παθει!
    το λατρεψα ρε
    Εισαι γαματη!

  2. is it ok if i post here?

  3. yeah it’s ok


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