Possibly I couldn’t take more

brother you’ll never feel alone

maybe you’ll stay

maybe it’s ok

maybe I’m lost


I love you no matter the cost

I love you though I’m rejecting to feel your false existense

maybe your truth hurts my resistance


burn this feeling out of me and let your praised soul hear my scream

burn this feeling out of me we have no choice and destiny


chorus:this situation won’t let us drown

I’m in love with nothing or me

this time I lost my mummer’s crown

this bitter world will always die

you’r wounded spirit lies to me. they know your passion is for free

maybe you’ll stay

maybe it’s ok

maybe I’m lost

I try to help myself but you,

you are fighting steady for your truth

we have decided to suffocate

we are beloved born to hate



~ από mourningthedeparted στο Νοέμβριος 1, 2006.

Ένα Σχόλιο to “Disloyalty”

  1. Ενταξει δεν το ΝΙΩΘΕΙΣ πλεον αλλα εμενα ειδικα στο τραγουδι μ’ αρεσει!


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