oh, hear me singin’ that rhythm?

it is a bit laim

oh,I know you got me hardly breathing in this polyester room you little slick

keep your hands around my throat while I pinch your dick

Do you wnat to lose your pride and make lose my grip?

Do you want to stain your bloody room with my filthy liquid,lun-a-tic?

or do we both like being patronized by the poster burning in your oven?

or are we just fighting cause of that sting you’ve swallen?

he said:»Don’t blame the pill

it ain’t the reason

I really am going to doubt it

I said:»Eversince you took it the cow has been stolen

the cow!

But then I turn my head and see you lurching to the door

I ask you in an instant:

«Why?cause you want more?»

oh,pain and southing shame

after you’ve done it wrong

I couldn’t find anyone but you to blame


now burn,now burn


now strap, now strap

my neck

end it

end it



~ από mourningthedeparted στο Οκτώβριος 17, 2006.


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