Self Patrol(γαμεί!)

Let silence explain what you mean

Coming, coming from your liver subway

Dressed to kill instead of causing pain

It smells corruptive when it comes to lean

Let silence say what you really mean

Baby you’ve swallowed a whole sky today

Draw a twilight just to spit it away

Erase the eyeball dice

Just hit it

Just spit it

And fuck the price

Stab his pathetic face make him go

I open my mouth I drink, I drink all the snow

Cut your hearts walls

Cut your hearts walls

Cut your hearts walls

While smoke parties at the bottom of my lungs

I’d rather say what it takes to borrow the rain back

Sure I’ve never had one

Sure I’ve never felt for that one



~ από mourningthedeparted στο Οκτώβριος 16, 2006.


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